Universal Soul Meditation.


My teaching is very simple.

Normally you live in a three dimensional reality: Body, Mind and Emotion. Body, mind and emotion are constantly interacting, it is the real hamster wheel of life. To come out of it you only have to add a fourth dimension namely: Awareness.

And you don’t have to sit on a cushion with a straight back to do that, you can do it in every daily situation.


Observe and let go.

Emotions and desires are triggered by projections in the mind. Mind and emotion are constantly interacting. This interaction can lead to an emotional crisis. At some point you will need something to ease your mind like caffeine, nicotine, alcohol or maybe even medication in order to make daily life bearable.

A better way to manage your emotional life is to find distraction in work, travel or any kind of activity. But that also is just another escape from the anxiety in your inner most core. Somewhere deep inside things become more and more complicated.

How to look into inner turmoil?

We have the ability to sense into our being. Not with mind but with awareness. It is a basic yoga exercise to sense into every part of the body in surge for muscular tension. You are not aware of muscular tensions until you notice them. In the moment you become aware of the tension, you will automatically let it go and your body posture will correct itself. This is a very interesting exercise that you can do in every daily situation. The second step is to sense into your emotions.

Where are our feelings located?

To sense into your desires and anxiety, you have to know where to find them. You think a lot about your feelings, so you may assume that they are located in the head but that is not so. The actual emotion or emotional blockade is in the belly, in your emotional center.

Fear, anger, lovesickness, sadness, addiction, depression… are tied to thoughts, memories and expectations. That’s why we try to manage our emotions in the head. But if you want to observe the actual feeling you have to sense into your emotional center which is located in the belly. Here is where your anxiety is and here is where you are suppressing it with food, alcohol, nicotine etc.

It takes some patience, endurance and courage to take a closer look at the anxiety deep inside. It can be a very confronting experience but no one else can do it for you.

How to find healing and inner balance.

Mind is fighting with emotion but mind and emotion can never come together. Mind is always in the past or in the future, emotion is always here and now. Only awareness and emotion can meet, they are both in the here now. Sensing into your emotional center with awareness is a most effective way to find healing and inner balance.

Sooner or later you have to go in, nobody can do it for you.

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About me.

Hi, my name is Sjef Hoefs. I started my search for enlightenment when I was 30 years old. After a few years I gave up the idea ever to find it but I didn’t give up the search because it brought so many good, so many insights.

23 years later I was in a most miserable state, a deep depression. It was then when I decided to make a meditation out of that situation, I sensed inside as deep as possible. It was very frightening, at some point I had to make a choice: turn back or drown in the darkness. I decided that there was no way back and went into the darkness… The situation collapsed…I found enlightenment.


My teaching.

My message is very simple: Sense into the Belly

There is consciousness in the mind and there is consciousness in the belly, in the emotional center. Mind and belly are constantly interacting, making life very complicated. In meditation you can separate one from another, mind will become silent and your soul will be overflowing from within with love and wisdom. This is what I call enlightenment.

It sounds very simple but like I said, things have become very complicated: the mind is fighting with all kinds of thoughts and the belly is full of different emotions competing with each other. You have to put some patience and effort in your meditation and by and by things will become transparent.

Why did I call this meditation “Universal Soul Meditation”? We all feel gravity in our own way but there is only one gravity, one love, one pain, one soul.

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